Choreographed by: Kate Sala (Nov 07)
Music: Jambalaya by Eddy Raven on Line Dance Fever 8 (125 bpm)
Descriptions: 32 count - 4 wall line dance - Beginner level

16 count intro. 
Or Music: `Relax’ (Take It Easy) by Mika on the album `Life in Cartoon Motion. Start on vocals
`Whatever You Do! Don’t!’ by Shania Twain. 121 bpm. Start on main Vocals. 
Section 1 Grapevine R, Rolling Vine L, Scuff. 
1 2 Step R to R side. Cross step L behind R.  
3 4 Step R to R side. Touch L toe next to R instep. 
5 6 Turn 1/4 L stepping forward on L. Turn 1/2 L stepping back on R. 
7 8 Turn 1/4 L stepping L out to L side. Scuff R foot forward. 
Section 2 Shuffle, Rock Step, Coaster Step, Pivot 1/4 Turn L.  
1 & 2 Step forward on R. Step L next to R. Step forward on R. 
3 4 Rock forward on L. Rock back on R 
5 & 6 Step back on L. Step R next to L. Step forward on L. 
7 8 Step forward on R. Pivot 1/4 turn L. 
Section 3 Cross Step, Side Touch x 2, Jazz Box.  
1 2 Cross step R over L. Touch L toe out to L side. 
3 4 Cross step L over R. Touch R toe out to R side. 
5 6 Cross step R over L. Step back on L. 
7 8 Step R out to R side. Step L next to R. 
Section 4 Rocking Chair, Step Pivot 1/2 Turn L, Stomp x 2 
1 2 Rock forward on R. Rock back on L. 
3 4 Rock back on R. Rock forward on L. 
5 6 Step forward on R. Pivot 1/2 turn L. 
7 8 Stomp R next to L. Stomp L next to R. 
Start Again, Enjoy!